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Grow tent Package 1000W MSRP $1081.85

Grow tent Package 1000W MSRP $1081.85
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GrowLab 145L MSRP $450.00    p.c  706880
The GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room has all the features you could ask for - and more! Outfit the GrowLab with the ventilation fan, lighting system and growing system of your choice and you will have the brightest, slickest, most affordable grow room available. Introducing the next generation in portable grow rooms - The GrowLab Horticultural Grow Room. See more details on the next page. Here are just some of the unique and exciting features you won't find elsewhere:
  • Clear viewing windows! - on all models except GL40, GL60, GL240 & GL290.
  • Increased weight capacity - roof cross-members easily support 100 pounds.
  • Sturdy powder coated framework - helps protect against rust and gives a cleaner look; thicker than previous models.
  • Highly reflective interior - significant increase in reflectivity for improved lighting performance.
  • Thermally protected - tent material reflects 97% of all radiant heat for superior insulation.
  • Completely non-toxic - will not react under light and heat, and no off-gassing to harm plants.
  • Improved fabric & zippers - thicker fabric than previous models, with the best zippers on the market.
  • Movable roof cross-members - easily adjust lighting and accessories; pieces snap into desired place for better functionality.
  • Multiple intake/exhaust ports - including two ports opposite each other at reflector level for air-cooling of lighting system on most models.
  • Adjustable fan and ducting attachments - no more clamps or reducers needed!
  • Waterproof floor - a second floor that is removable for easy cleaning between crops.

#706820 - GrowLab 40: 1'4" x 1'4" x 3'11"
#706825 - GrowLab 60: 2' x 2' x 5'3"
#706830 - GrowLab 80: 2'7" x 2'7" x 5'11"
#706870 - GrowLab 100: 3’3” x 3’3” x 6’7”
#706835 - GrowLab 120: 3'11" x 3'11" x 6'7"
#706845 - GrowLab 145: 4'9" x 4'9" x 6'7"
#706850 - GrowLab 240: 7'11" x 7'11" x 6'7"
#706855 - GrowLab 290: 9'6" x 9'6" x 6'7"
#706860 - GrowLab 80L: 4'11" x 2'7" x 6'7"
#706865 - GrowLab 120L: 7'11" x 3'11" x 6'7"
#706880 - GrowLab 145L: 9'6" x 4'9" x 6'7"
#706885 - GrowLab CloneLab: 4'1" x 2'1" x 3'11"
#706887 - GrowLab CloneLab Tall: 4'1" x 2'1" x 5'11"

Phantom 1000W 240 V dimmable ballast MSRP $291.95      p.c  PHE1TH240D

We listened and learned from your input - now our Phantom Digital 1000W/240V Electronic Dimmable Ballast features a unique tri-mode dimmable micro-processor for even more energy savings. The Phantom is the most rigorously tested ballast on the market, featuring silent operation, durable and lightweight design, and maximum lumen output. The Phantom is also the only ballast on the market designed for vertical operation, for coolest running and optimum grow space.


  • Dual resettable breakers protect lamp and household circuits
  • Three operating configurations - vertical, horizontal, or hanging
  • Drives the highest light output for maximum plant growth
  • Universal reflector adaptor and 8 ft heavy duty cord included
  • Unlike magnetic ballast, Phantom runs completely silent
  • Exclusive Lock & Seal BAREF lamp cord installed
  • Internal RF shielding
  • Triple surface aluminum fins and elevated rubber feet provide the most efficient cooling in its class
  • Internal resin coating protects components for long life

Do not use with timer TM01240, also known as the Intermatic HB112. You must use the TMHDT104, or a lighting controller, such as the APCL4240.

Agrosun Red Sodium 1000W MSRP $129.95    p.c BUSD1AG

Agrosun Red Sodiums are the best choice for enhanced flowering, increased crop volume, and supplemental greenhouse lighting. Not only will they produce more, larger, and better flowers, but they will do it quicker than common sodium bulbs. Red Sodiums are recommended for situations where high output supplemental light is preferred.

1000 watt - 146,000 initial lumens

Dominator XXXL 6" Air cooled hood MSRP $209.95    p.c 904415

Massive size for increased coverage area and excellent uniformity. Allows closer placement to plants. Includes tempered glass, removable frame, built-in socket & 15 ft lamp cord. Completely sealed - features gasketed glass and hinged frame to hold glass tightly in place. Powder-coated galvanized steel body. Highly reflective textured aluminum interior offers excellent reflectivity and diffusion. Swing stop retention cable keeps glass from abruptly swinging down. Captured thumb screws & closure mechanism for ease of use and excellent sealing. Air-cooling flanges now have a bead ring to keep ducting securely in place.

Overall Dimensions: 36.5"L x 26.4"W x 8.5"H
Glass Frame Dimensions: 32.4"L x 26.4"W

Patent No.: D613900
Patent Pending: 29/434634


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