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General Organics Nutrients Package - MSRP 587.13

General Organics Nutrients Package - MSRP 587.13
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This nutrient package will provide you with everything you need to a successful harvest. Our staff will be happy to assist you with all of the Genreal Organics products lines.

General Organics products are formulated with botanical extracts and natural minerals for performance and purity. General Organics products contain no animal derived ingredients with the exception of BioMarine. General Organics' line of organic fertilizers and supplements are formulated to enhance the biology in the root zone and are suitable for all kinds of soil and media culture, as well as hydroponics. Your plants will reach their full genetic potential with rapid growth, high yields, outstanding flavor, fragrance and nutrition.


  • 2.5 gallon BioThrive Grow - Purchased Alone $133.20
  • 2.5 gallon BioThrive Bloom - Purchased Alone $120.00
  • 1 gallon CaMg+ - Purchased Alone $58.32
  • 1 gallon BioRoot - Purchased Alone $52.70
  • 1 gallon BioWeed - Purchased Alone $62.13
  • 1 gallon BioBud - Purchased Alone $157.10
  • 1 gallon BioMarine - Purchased Alone $51.48
  • 1 gallon Diamond Black - Purchased Alone $52.30

Call with any questions or how this package will increase your harvest.

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